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Integrating your backend


To successfully integrate our games into your platform, you need to have the following:

  • A backend server that connects to the API to initiate embedable game sessions.
  • A frontend web application that catches real-time events (e.g. socket messages) from your backend.
  • An understanding of how real-time application works (e.g. chat application).

Understanding the flow

Integration Diagram

For the clearness of this explanation, we'll focus on an integration example with a Chat application. The flow can then be transposed to other application types like real-time video apps, education platforms, etc...

  1. Player 1 and Player 2 are two users chatting together on Chat application. Player 1 wants to play and challenges Player 2 through a Player 1 initiates a game through a button.
  2. Once the button is clicked, it calls your backend, which calls the API to initiate a game session.
  3. Your backend receives a json response from, which contains the playUrl field.
  4. Your backend sends a socket message to Player 1 and Player 2 containing the playUrlfield.
  5. The frontend apps of Player 1 & 2 catch the socket message from your backend and react by showing an iframe that embeds the playUrl field.
  6. Now, takes care of the rest, and Player 1 & 2 can play together.


The integration is easy and can quickly empower your platform with battle-tested games while you focus on what you do best. We take care of complex real-time online gaming development.